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SCANPH and Coalition Celebrate Affordable Housing Linkage Fee Passage

Friday, Dec 15, 2017

For the past two years, SCANPH and the Coalition for a Just Los Angeles have advocated tirelessly for passage of the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee. In a historic vote today, the L.A. City Council adopted the linkage fee, so for the first time since the founding of Los Angeles, the city will have its first dedicated revenue source for affordable housing! SCANPH was proud to partner with the Coalition for a successful campaign that reflects an unprecedented, city-wide collaboration among community organizations and advocates, affordable housing developers, and civic and religious leaders committed to advancing public policies that make a more inclusive and just Los Angeles.


Alan Greenlee, SCANPH Executive Director, was invited to speak at a press conference today with Mayor Eric Garcetti and members of the Council who championed passage of the ordinance.


"The political process inherent to advancing a piece of policy as momentous as the linkage fee can be long and challenging, but I could not have asked for a better set of partners to mark this victory for housing," said Greenlee. "The Coalition for a Just LA has been a terrific team that has been staunchly committed to solving our housing crisis, and SCANPH is proud to have helped lead the Coalition over the last two years."


The linkage fee will double the city’s annual affordable housing production for those most in need, and it's a critical tool to support the construction of affordable housing in a city facing a deficit of 32,000 units of housing for low- and very low-income residents.


Ultimately, a permanent source of local funding for affordable housing is just the first of many steps in the pursuit of greater equity in the region, so SCANPH and the Coalition will continue to play a leading role in advocating for policies that ensure Los Angeles remains a vibrant mix of communities with greater access to safe, affordable housing.